Q1:- How can one apply for this loan?

It's easy to start your loan application process.
a. Visit our website after visiting the website.
b. Fill out the simple application form by providing the necessary information.
This method is quick and easy to use to apply for the loan that best suits your needs.

Q2:- How much credit may I get?

Your loan eligibility is normally determined by Cashplusnow using 50% of your monthly income less any outstanding debts. This strategy aims to obtain a loan amount that corresponds with your financial capabilities, guaranteeing affordable payback conditions without putting undue strain on your finances.

Q3:- Is it possible to apply for more loans while my current one is still open?

No, before you can apply for another loan, you have to pay back the one you already have. This policy guarantees that you stay in charge of your financial obligations and that, if more loans are required, you can manage them with ease.

Q4:- If I choose to make an early payment or pay off the loan earlier than expected, are there any fees involved?

No, there aren't any upfront fees. You are free to pay back your loan in full at any moment without being charged extra. This gives you the flexibility to handle your money in any way you see fit.

Q5:- Which papers should I include with my loan application?

To proceed with your loan application, we need a few key records.
- PAN card
- Voter ID card or
- Aadhaar card or
- Passport, or
- Driver's license—will be required.
We also require the last six months' worth of bank statements.

Q6:- What occurs if I have trouble paying back the loan?

You must get in touch with our customer service team right away if you think you may have trouble repaying the loan. The goal of Cashplusnow is to fulfill your urgent financial demands by offering a straightforward, easy-to-understand, and convenient lending service.

Q7:- Is it possible to prolong the loan's duration?

We are sorry, but our 30-day loan product does not offer the option to prolong the loan period. Within the allotted 30-day window following the loan issuance date, repayment is due. To guarantee a prompt return, we strongly advise our clients to carefully organize their budgets.

Q8:- What occurs if I don't make the repayment deadline?

Paying back your loan on time is essential, and there are several repercussions if you miss the payment deadline.
a. First of all, it could lead to late fees that increase the total amount you have to return.
b. Missing payments may have a bad impact on your credit score,

Q9:- How can I get in touch with Cashplusnow with questions or support?

Please contact our committed customer support team at Cashplusnow if you have any questions or require assistance. Using our website to contact us is convenient. For any questions, issues, or requests you might have, our support staff is available to help.

Q10:- Is the procedure of applying secure?

We at Cashplusnow are concerned about your privacy and security. We have put strong security measures in place because we know how important it is to protect your data, and we want to make sure that it stays safe during the application process.