Terms And Conditions

You, hereby referred to as "Cashplusnow," and Cashplusnow Corporation, agree to the terms specified in this Agreement by using our services, whether or not you click the "I Accept" button. If you disagree with the terms as stated, kindly click 'I Accept' to not download, install, or use our services.

In the context of the Cashplusnow company Agreement:

A bank or non-bank financial institution (NBFI) that has a loan-sanctioning agreement with Cashplusnow is referred to as a "Lender". Lenders are in charge of managing, approving, and paying out loans to clients through the Platform.
As defined by the Companies Act of 2013, the terms "Company" and "we" relate to Cashplusnow, a duly constituted company having its registered office at [Registered Office Address].
The terms "Customer," "You," or "End-User" refer to any person who uses, views, accesses, or stores the Platform and its related services.
The term "loan" refers to the financial assistance that Platform users can apply for. The terms specified in the loan agreement are followed by the lender when extending and disbursing the loan.
"Loan Agreement" refers to the document, either in writing or electronically, that includes all of the loan's specific terms and conditions and has been duly signed by the lender and the borrower (or customers).
"Outstanding Amount" is the total amount of the loan that borrowers must return by the deadlines, including interest and other costs. The Cashplusnow Website, which give users access to and utilization of the services provided, are referred to as the "Platform" and "Website" respectively.
"Services" refers to all of the ways that the Lender uses the Platform to authorize, approve, and distribute short-term loans.
"Third-Party Platforms" are online spaces and websites used for social networking that are not under Cashplusnow's direct control. These platforms include, for instance, Facebook, LinkedIn, and related websites.
"User Data" refers to all information that clients of Cashplusnow have given to the company, both before and after utilizing the services.
"Website" refers to the domain name [Website Domain Name], which is under Cashplusnow management and control to enable the provision of Services.
Please take note that Cashplusnow's actual registered office location and website domain name should be reflected in the placeholders for [Registered Office Address] and [Website Domain Name].


To apply for and access Cashplusnow Services, you need to fulfil the prerequisites listed in our website. It is significant to note that Cashplusnow has been designated by the Lender to gather and authenticate to validating User Data, supporting documentation, and any other information that is required for loan approval. With the permission of the Lender, the Cashplusnow mobile app securely gathers and retains User Data.
You must register with Cashplusnow by using your favourite Third-Party Platform to create a "User Account" before you may access and use our Services. You will be asked to fill out a form on the website with user information during the application process. This information may include your name, email address, date of birth, phone number, username, password, image, contact information, mobile phone data (including SMS and browsing history), login credentials for third-party platforms, financial information (such as pay stubs and bank statements), bank account numbers, PAN cards, information about customer compliance, information from credit reporting agencies, and other pertinent data. You are in charge of making sure that all of your personal information is correct, full, and current. You give us permission to access and retrieve any required data, including personal information, from third-party platforms by utilizing our services.
Please be advised that we might ask the appropriate third-party platforms for updates to your data regularly and obtain them. Cashplusnow will make sure that every transaction it does on your behalf follows your exact instructions, which we will require your permission in advance. We don't use discretion in any of our operations. You provide Cashplusnow permission to obtain credit records from different financial organizations by signing this agreement.
Your application will be reviewed and approved once you have confirmed and submitted the required user data, paperwork, and information via Cashplusnow's website initial form. Once our organization has finished the document validation procedure, the lender may approve your loan request if you meet the eligibility requirements and agree to the terms and conditions.
The ECS/NACH authorization form, a check, and any other pertinent documentation the lender requests must be completed and sent. Our business may gather tangible papers that need your signature to process and authorize loans. The loan money will be disbursed after the lender has received and examined these documents in compliance with the terms of the loan agreement.
The process described on the website available on form will be followed when the loan is disbursed. You must pay back the remaining balance of the loan to the lender by the deadlines listed on the application form. While using our services, Cashplusnow retains the right to follow you to make sure you satisfy all of your responsibilities, including paying the lender the outstanding sum. Even if you stop using the website, this tracking might still go on. This monitoring goal is to make sure that all obligations are met until the remaining balance owed to the lender is paid in full.
Please be aware that Cashplusnow reserves the right to track you while you use the Services, even if you are not using our services for any other reason. This tracking will continue until you are no longer obligated to pay the lender the outstanding balance.
You are still in charge of paying any outstanding amounts even if you deactivate or stop using our services. You understand that Cashplusnow disclaims all liability for any disputes, claims, or losses resulting from proper or improper use of the Services, and you agree to be fully accountable for any activities taken using your User Account to access the Services. You alone are in charge of protecting the confidentiality of your User Account and any related activity by using the services.
Without giving a reason, Cashplusnow retains the right to approve or refuse your request for services. You also acknowledge that for the Platform and Services to operate properly and guarantee efficient communication, you will need to have access to a computer or other electronic device that satisfies all technical specifications for hardware, software, internet connectivity, and other elements.
For your convenience, Cashplusnow securely saves the User Data you entered during the registration process, enabling you to access the Platform without having to log in every time. By agreeing to these terms, you expressly give us permission to gather, access, and utilize user and personal data for authentication purposes and to send you updates about your account.


Website Usage Permission: To make use of our services, you need to visit the Cashplusnow website. You attest that you are of legal age and have the mental capacity to read, understand, and abide by these Terms by using our services. Because Cashplusnow is providing you with limited, non-exclusive, non-sub licensable and revocable authorization to use the website and its services, your access to and use of the website are subject to these terms and conditions. You implement this website in accordance with these terms. By accessing our authorized online platform, users can access and use the website using a variety of electronic devices, such as tablets, smart phones, and other similar gadgets.
Upkeep and Assistance: Although it is not required, Cashplusnow retains the right to decide whether to offer website upkeep and support.


Usage Guidelines: The following rules must be followed when using Cashplusnow: Prohibited Activities: Using the Platform or Services while participating in any illegal or criminal activity is forbidden. It is completely forbidden to reproduce, duplicate, replicate, sell, resell, or otherwise exploit any portion of the website. Content that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, or offensive because of someone's race, ethnicity, or other characteristics is strictly prohibited from being uploaded, posted, emailed, transmitted, or made public.
Unsolicited Requests: It is forbidden to use the Platform to send out unsolicited or unauthorized requests, such as "spam," "junk mail," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or similar types of requests.
Malicious Content: Content containing computer viruses or other malicious computer code, files, or programs intended to interfere with, disable, or restrict the operation of computer software, hardware, or telecommunications devices is strictly prohibited from being uploaded, posted, emailed, shared, or distributed on the Platform.
Violations and Interference: It is strictly forbidden to do any activities that might interfere with normal communication, prevent other users from taking part in live discussions, or try to hack the Platform or any related networks in violation of their rules.
Respect for the Law: Whether intentionally or unintentionally, you must not break any local, state, federal, or international laws or regulations.
Please be advised that breaking these rules could result in your access to Cashplusnow being terminated.

Content available:

Cashplusnow disclaims any liability with relation to the content accessed via the Platform or Services. Data files, text, numbers, computer code, audio files, pictures, videos, and other visual components can all be considered content. Any content that users publish, share, link to, or otherwise make available on the Platform is entirely their responsibility. Cashplusnow disclaims all responsibility for any damage brought about by using information that is erroneous, lacking, or incomplete.
Nothing on the Platform should be interpreted as an official solicitation, promotion, or suggestion to purchase or sell any financial products or services offered by Cashplusnow or its subsidiaries unless otherwise specified in these Terms.

Proprietary rights of the company:

Rights to Intellectual Property: You understand that Cashplusnow is the only owner of all intellectual property rights about the platform, services, brands, trade names, trademarks and designs.
This covers every ownership, right, and stake in the related intellectual property. The Platform may also contain trademarks, service marks, and logos that are owned or utilized by other businesses. You are not allowed to use any logos, service marks, or trademarks on the Platform unless specifically authorized. It can be illegal to use this intellectual property without permission.
It's critical to realize that neither you nor any other party is granted ownership rights to the Platform by these conditions.
Titles, ownership, and rights are still held by Cashplusnow. Nonetheless, you can use Cashplusnow's services as long as your registration with the company is active.

Links to third-party sites:

Connected Sites: Links to other websites, often known as "Linked Websites," that are run by unaffiliated third parties and are not a part of the Cashplusnow network may be offered via the Cashplusnow platform. Cashplusnow expressly disclaims all liability for the correctness of the content on these linked websites and any links therein. Information on these Linked Websites is subject to change without notice. There are no claims or assurances made by Cashplusnow about the veracity of the content on external websites.
Please do not interpret these links as an endorsement by Cashplusnow of the Linked Websites; rather, they are given for your convenience. You entirely must deal with any correspondence and interactions you have with the Linked Websites.
The user assumes all liability for using and accessing Linked Websites. Cashplusnow disclaims any liability for any interactions or transactions that take place on Linked Websites because it is not a party to those conversations or transactions.
Third-Party Promotions: Third-party adverts may also be displayed on the Cashplusnow platform. Nevertheless, the fact that these adverts are displayed does not mean that Cashplusnow has endorsed or sponsored the advertiser, their goods, or services. You should speak with the individual advertiser directly for information about the ads and any associated goods or services. Cashplusnow hereby expressly disclaims all liability and responsibility for any problems that might result from your dealings with such parties.

Ancillary services:

Extra Platform Functions: In addition, Cashplusnow offers other services including blogs, chat rooms, reviews, comments, and other things that we might offer directly or through other companies on behalf of our business. It is completely forbidden to use our services for any illegal purposes, including threats, harassment, abuse, stalking, defamation, or promotion of racism. Any behavior that breaks the law or invades the privacy of another individual is strictly prohibited.
Please be aware that the Platform might include suggestions, viewpoints, and remarks from different experts, analysts, and professionals. Nevertheless, Cashplusnow does not support or vouch for the accuracy or dependability of any such advice, judgments, findings, assertions, or data. You bear the obligation of conducting your independent evaluation of the suitability and correctness of any advice, views, products, claims, or data that you find on the Platform.
Furthermore, none of the content or services offered on the Platform should be construed as legal, accounting, tax, finance, or investment advice from a professional. The Platform doesn't offer any particular suggestions or guidance. Any information on the Platform may be updated, amended, modified, or removed at any time, but Cashplusnow disclaims all liability for any claims or losses that may arise as a result of such changes. It's critical to realize that nothing on the Platform should be interpreted as endorsing a specific strategy or resolution. Although there is a chance that using any goods or methods recommended on the Platform will violate any patents or other rights, Cashplusnow provides no explicit or implicit promises or warranties in this regard.


Cashplusnow may terminate these conditions in the following circumstances:
• Non-compliance: Should you breach any of these agreements' terms.
• Legal requirements: If there are any laws that Cashplusnow must abide by.
• Service termination: If Cashplusnow chooses to stop offering services or shut down the Platform.
• License expiration: If the usage license for the website runs out.
• Outstanding debts: Indicate which amounts you still owe.
Even after these terms expire, Cashplusnow maintains the right to keep an eye on your actions until all of your obligations, including paying off any outstanding debts, are completed. You shall immediately stop using the Platform and its services upon termination of these terms, and you shall forfeit all licenses and rights granted to you. Any outstanding debts must be settled by you as well. It's crucial to remember that you remain liable for any unpaid bills even after the agreement is cancelled.

Disclaimer of warranties:

You understand that using the Cashplusnow Platform and its Services is completely at your own risk. Services and the Platform are offered "as is" and "as available." All implicit warranties and assurances, such as merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, and non-infringement, are expressly disclaimed by the company.
You download and accept content on the Platform at your own risk, if you choose to do so. You must repair any damage to your computer system, lose any electronic data, or corrupt any data as a result of these downloads. Except what is specifically stated in these Terms, the Company makes no representations or guarantees of any kind, whether explicit or implied, regarding the reliability, accuracy, or completeness of any advice or information obtained through the Company, the Services, or the Platform.
It is entirely your responsibility to make sure the Platform and Services are used appropriately and to report any abuse. The Platform and Services are meant to be used exclusively for private, non-commercial purposes. If something is not specifically included in these Terms, the Company will not be responsible for any losses that arise from using the Services. The Company disclaims any warranties and assurances with relation to:
(a) The Platform or Services being helpful to you;
(b) The Content meeting your needs and being precise, timely, uninterrupted, or secure; and
(c) The correctness or dependability of the results produced by the Platform or Services.


Accepting these terms releases and indemnifies the firm from any third-party claims or demands, including the costs involved in defending against such claims or demands, as well as its partners, officers, agents, co-branders, associates, and employees. Any claims or demands made against you as a result of your use or misuse of the Cashplusnow Platform or Services, your breach of these Terms, your infringement on other users' rights, your breaking the law, or any combination of these activities are covered by this indemnification. You release the company and its affiliated parties from any claims or demands arising from your actions or inactions by agreeing to these conditions. This covers costs like legal bills that come with defending against such allegations.

Limitations of liability:

You acknowledge and understand that, regardless of whether the company was aware that such harm might occur, it shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages. This disclaimer applies to the company, its officers, employees, agents, and service providers. There are several possible causes of these damages, such as:
The utilization of Cashplusnow's services or their incapacity to do so,
(a) Not being able to use the Platform,
(b) Any delays in the Platform's accessibility or provision of services,
(c) The effectiveness—or lack thereof—of the Company
(d) Your computer system or other electronic equipment becoming non-functional as a result of using the Platform to access or download materials,
(e) Problems with the servers or other concerns impacting the services.
You comprehend and agree that the company will not be liable for any damages to the greatest degree allowed by applicable legislation. Any loss, shortfall, or disruption of Platform-related operations arising from circumstances outside of the company's reasonable control shall not be held against it. Natural disasters, uncontrollable events or circumstances such as machine or telecommunications service disruptions, Reserve Bank of India regulations or those of other government agencies changing, riots, storms, civil unrest, power outages, and floods are a few examples of such situations.
The business will take standard business precautions to reduce any disruptions or delays brought on by unanticipated circumstances, but it disclaims all responsibility for any indirect losses that may arise.

Privacy policy:

We at Cashplusnow are steadfastly committed to protecting our esteemed clients' privacy and security. We must gather, distribute, and handle personal data to provide our services. We've put in place a detailed privacy policy to address these concerns in their entirety. Please click the following link to view our complete privacy statement, which provides a thorough understanding of our policies: [Privacy Statement Link].
Change: At its sole discretion and without prior notice, Cashplusnow reserves the right to change, remove, suspend, or amend these Terms or any related material. Any such changes will be quickly communicated to users by posting new terms on the website. You agree to the updated terms by continuing to use the services or platform after they have been modified. To be informed of any revisions or modifications, we advise reviewing the conditions frequently.
Law and jurisdictional preference: At its sole discretion and without prior notice, Cashplusnow reserves the right to change, remove, suspend, or amend these Terms or any related material. Any such changes will be quickly communicated to users by posting new terms on the website. You agree to the updated terms by continuing to use the services or platform after they have been modified. To be informed of any revisions or modifications, we advise reviewing the conditions frequently.
Total Consent: The terms of the loan agreement and the privacy statement together make up the whole terms of the service agreement between you and Cashplusnow.
Upholding of Rights: Cashplusnow retains the right to enforce any rights or provisions in these terms.
Timeline for Claims: You understand and accept that any claims or legal actions resulting from your use of the services or your acceptance of these terms must be brought within a year of the date on which they occur, failing which they will be permanently barred Severability: The court will make an effort to uphold the parties' intentions as stated in that section if any aspect of these terms is determined to be defective. The remainder of the terms and conditions are still enforceable and lawful. Our Terms and Conditions prohibit opening numerous customer accounts using various addresses, email addresses, or devices to obtain illegitimate referral discounts.
Without giving a justification, Cashplusnow maintains the right to alter, adds, delete, amend, or revoke any of the referral discount program's terms and conditions. Cashplusnow has the right to withhold features or benefits acquired through the referral program, suspend accounts, and remove or revoke referral discounts. Any referral activity could be scrutinized and looked into by Cashplusnow.
By registering for this program, the participant agrees to assume all responsibility for any loss or harm that may be attributed to their involvement in it, as well as for accepting and using any prizes. The participant acknowledges that they are solely responsible for any technical difficulties, software, hardware, or telephone problems; lost or unavailable network connections; unsuccessful, incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, or delayed electronic communications; and any other problems that may arise during the program's entry processing. This disclaimer covers Cashplusnow and all of its parent company, connected firms, executives, directors, and employees. Unless otherwise restricted by law, the participant permits their name, hometown, state, likeness, and/or voice to be used for promotional and publicity purposes without further compensation.