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Repay Loan

"Loan Repayment Details”

Easily settle your outstanding loan with Cashplusnow using the following information:
Company Name: Salora Capital Limited
Bank Name: [ IDFC First Bank Limited]
Account Number: [10164765753]
IFSC Code: [IDFB0021006]
Branch Name: []
Account Type: “Current”

Payment Caution: Avoid from paying cash or sending money to the personal accounts of our reps. we provide several payment options and actively discourage cash payments. Speak with our representatives if you need advice. No cash payment will be regarded as a component of your repayment."

Avoid Commission Demands: Do not accept requests for commissions, whether the staff members are in your area or in our head office in Delhi. Contact us directly at +917428763253 , or send us emails at and with information about such things."