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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Cashplusnow, we sincerely appreciate your trust in our company. Cashplusnow Limited is resolute in its dedication to maintaining ethical standards in the management, processing, and safeguarding of your data. Our top concerns include making sure you're safe and maintaining the privacy of your information. We take this obligation very seriously and are aware that processing and disclosing your personal information may cause you to have valid concerns. We place a high value on your privacy and follow the strongest data protection guidelines to provide you peace of mind. At Cashplusnow, gaining your trust is our priority.

All programs, websites, and services run by our company and connected to (the Website) are subject to this privacy statement. Reviewing our Terms of Use, which are also available on our website, is something we strongly advise. You agree that the terms of this Policy are enforceable against you by using any method or device to access the Website, Application, and Services or by signing up with us. Please don't use the Website, Application, Products, or access any of our Services if you disagree with the terms contained in this Policy

You expressly authorize Cashplusnow to gather, store, use, disclose, and otherwise treat your personally identifiable information by the procedures described in this Policy by accepting this privacy statement. This Policy's goal is to make sure you know exactly how your information is collected, used and disclosed when you visit our website or use one of our services. With the utmost care and regard for your privacy, we manage your data. You give your agreement to the collection, use, and sharing of your information as outlined in this Privacy Policy by continuing to use our website or services.

At Cashplusnow, we are committed to providing outstanding financial solutions and services while protecting our clients' privacy. Transparency is one of our core values. You can rely on us to use secure and moral methods to protect your information.

The content has been specially customized for the website, so please take note of it.

Information We Gather

Cashplusnow may compile a range of information to enhance our services, including:

Personal Information:

We help you by using the data you give us, such as your name, phone number, and birthrate. Your personal data's security and privacy are extremely important to us.

Financial Information:

We need precise information about your bank account or credit card to accelerate the loan application procedure. We handle this sensitive data with the utmost care and rigorously adhere to tight security measures

Transaction Material:

We keep track of all of your correspondence with us, including account balances, payment histories, and loan requests. This makes it possible for us to deliver correct information and customized services

External Access:

On occasion, you might permit us to access your information that is housed on third-party platforms like social networking websites (like Facebook and Twitter). Only with your express permission and in compliance with your privacy settings will we have access to this data. Your user account will be handled by our Privacy Policy if you link it to another account.
At Cashplusnow, we are steadfast in our commitment to protecting the privacy and security of the data you give. To ensure the highest level of protection, we put in place industry-standard security measures and abide by pertinent laws and regulations. Recognize that this content has been customized exclusively for the Cashplusnow website.

How We Use Your Information

At Cashplusnow, we utilize the data we collect in the following manners:

How Loan processing:

Using the supplied information, we thoroughly review and evaluate your loan applications. This gives us the opportunity to assess your eligibility and present the best financing possibilities.

Customer satisfaction:

Our team's top priority is to deliver outstanding customer service. To provide a satisfying customer experience, we use the information you supply to swiftly handle any questions, issues, or complaints

Legal Compliance:

We strictly abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Your information is used to confirm your identify, stop fraud, and make sure anti-money laundering laws are being followed.

Enhancements to the Website and Services:

We continuously monitor user activity and analyze non-personal data in our effort to improve our website and services. We work hard to continuously enhance Cashplusnow in order to give you a better user experience.
You can be confident that we will treat your information with the utmost respect and care and will take all necessary steps to protect its security and privacy. Please take note that this content is unique to the Cashplusnow website.

Information Sharing

At Cashplusnow, we take the protection of your information and the rights to privacy very seriously. We might share your information with others in the following situations

Service Businesses:

We occasionally work with dependable service providers who help us with a variety of areas of running our firm. Lenders, credit bureaus, and credit card processors are a few examples. You can be confident that we carefully consider our partners and those they follow the same strict guidelines for data privacy as we do.

Legal Requirements

Occasionally, we may need to reveal your information in response to a subpoena, court order, or other legal requirements. We strictly abide by these regulations as required by law.

Company Transfers:

Your information may be given to the acquiring or merging organization in the case of a sale, merger, or transfer of our firm, including its assets or shares. In order to provide you with unbroken service, this is done. We take all required security measures to protect your information during such transactions.
The fact that Cashplusnow does not provide your personally identifiable information to affiliates or other organizations for marketing purposes must be emphasized. Providing the safety and integrity of your personal information is our utmost priority." When processing your information, we take the highest care and only divulge it to third parties when it's absolutely essential to provide our services and comply with legal obligations

Data Retention

At Cashplusnow, we store your personal information for as long as is necessary to deliver our services and accomplish the goals for which it was obtained. Our data retention procedures completely abide by all applicable legal rules and legislation.
We take all necessary precautions to protect the privacy of your information because we recognize how crucial it is to keep it stored and maintained securely. You may be confident that we only keep your personal information as long as it's necessary to accomplish the intended goals or as long as it's needed by applicable laws and regulations.
We implement strict data retention procedures during our engagement to uphold our dedication to protecting your privacy and guaranteeing the accuracy of your information.

Your rights

We at Cashplusnow regard and respect your right to privacy very highly. We give you access to your data and guarantee its treatment is accurate. Following are your rights about your data:


You have the right to ask to see any personal information that we may have on file. This enables you to check the precision and thoroughness of the data we have gathered and to examine it. You have the right to ask for the rectification or deletion of any personal information you perceive to be incorrect or incomplete. In specific situations, such as when it is no longer necessary for its intended purpose, you can also ask that your data be erased.

Revocation of Consent:

You have the choice to revoke your approval of the use of your data. Even though it might affect our ability to deliver some services, we respect your decision and will stop processing further with your permission.
At Cashplusnow, we are committed to safeguarding your rights and making sure that the management of your information complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Our top priority is to protect your privacy and the security of your data.

Dispute Resolution

At Cashplusnow, this privacy statement and any disputes, claims, or controversies arising there from shall be governed by Indian law.. These issues will be resolved through legal proceedings in Delhi by Indian law.
We are committed to promoting openness and impartial dispute settlement. We adhere to relevant rules and regulations while maintaining transparency and consistency in the resolution of any potential conflicts. We offer a precise framework for resolving conflicts by describing the jurisdiction and legal procedure.


Cashplusnow makes use of cookies to enhance both your surfing experience and the services we provide.. We do, however, always respect your privacy and only use cookies with your express permission. Cookies provide us access to information about your interests and needs, enabling us to provide customized solutions. By examining user preferences and behaviour, we can continuously improve and cater our services to your unique needs. You can be confident that we strictly abide by our privacy policy, giving top priority to the protection of your data and protecting it against theft and unauthorized access.
We value your privacy greatly and will only share information with you about our offerings to your preferences.


At Cashplusnow, we place the highest importance on preventing unauthorized access to, use of, or disclosure of your information. Our major goal is to protect the security and privacy of your data, and we take rigorous security precautions to keep it accurate and private.
It's crucial to remember that internet communication can only be partially secure if we make every attempt to maintain the greatest level of security. Despite our best efforts, we are unable to provide 100% security. We constantly evaluate and improve our security processes to stay ahead of new threats and guarantee your data is completely protected.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

At Cashplusnow, we recognize the significance of upholding privacy standards that are consistent with our policies and any applicable legal obligations. We reserve the right to make alterations to this privacy statement as part of our commitment to openness.
To keep up with our most recent privacy practices, we advise you to frequently examine our privacy statement. You will be informed of any modifications we make and how we handle your personal information. You agree to these changes if you use our services after we've made such adjustments. At Cashplusnow, we place the utmost significance on protecting your privacy, and we work to keep you informed about how we handle your data.

Grievance Officer

At Cashplusnow, we are dedicated to rapidly and effectively resolving any issues or complaints you may have regarding our services. We are happy to give you our dedicated grievance officer's contact information in compliance with the Information Technology Act of 2000 and applicable laws